Angelo Marani’s SS17 Collection Channels Legendary Sirens

Penned by Melissa Lupo

It wasn’t just the hippies that ruled California during the 1970’s. Strong female figures in the form of bond girls and Hollywood queens like Angelica Huston, Lauren Hutton, and Jane Fonda made no apologies for their ruling feminine roles.

Angelo Marani’s SS17 collection channels these legendary sirens who expressed their style with bold colors, frills, and long flowing shapes. Slight hints at the era of “flower power” show up as bright prints, embroidery, and embellishments. The collection is refined with ancient golden yarns knitted into jumpers and dresses.

Long flowing fabrics are everywhere, softening sexy cuts, rips, and transparency. Looks are lended a bit of an edge with studs strategically fixed onto straps and onto the back of clothing to add complexity to the mood. The entire collection maintains a sophisticated tone with the help of skinny belts and strappy heels.marani-rs17-0428marani-rs17-0457marani-rs17-0464marani-rs17-0489marani-rs17-0516marani-rs17-0524marani-rs17-0544marani-rs17-0557marani-rs17-0595marani-rs17-0679marani-rs17-0729marani-rs17-0764