Fashion Week

Daniela Gregis SS17

Penned by: Melissa Lupo

A skip through a fairytale and a passage through time, the Daniela Gregis SS17 collection is full of fantasy.

While Gucci tells tales worthy of Wonderland and Moschino paints a perfect picture with cardboard cut-outs, Daniela Gregis brings a different type of story to the runway.

Quiet music, hanging flowers and whimsical watercolor paintings all set in a church, are a suitable backdrop to the playful looks made of billowing cotton and knits. A journey of reflection and freedom spans from youth to adulthood with a strategic model selection. Knits scarves and bundles of sateen and natural cotton take notes from the East for these flowing frocks, with inspiration from Tibet and India for pants, dresses and wraps.

Mostly white with some teasing hints of color make up the first half of the collection until it transitions to all over pattern then bright red, keeping a whimsical and playful mood with accessories like flowered shower caps, exaggerated broaches, hats, and round spectacles.gregis-rs17-0570gregis-rs17-0519gregis-rs17-0457gregis-rs17-0404gregis-rs17-0395gregis-rs17-0281gregis-rs17-0010big

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