Gareth Pugh Unveils Costumes For The Palais Garnier In Paris

Gareth Pugh unveiled more than 60 costumes on the stage of Palais Garnier in Paris, where “Eliogabolo” debuted on Friday night. The piece, written by Francesco Cavalli in 1667, also influenced his signature collection for Spring 2017.

“I knew that this was where we had to start this season, exploring those themes, reframed against an urgent and contemporary backdrop.”

Gareth Pugh show, runway, Spring Summer 2017, London Fashion Week, UK – 17 Sep 2016

According to the Paris Opera, the piece “focuses on the perverse young emperor who neglected affairs of state in favor of sensual pleasures. Systematically overturning accepted morals, Elagabalus dresses men as women, and names women to the Senate, favors sinning servants and humiliates generals.”

Performances run through Oct. 15.