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Alexander Wang’s Bleached Baywatch Babes

New York: The Alexander Wang Spring 2017 collection is basically day-wear for Baywatch beach babes. The aqua blue and white collection features faded stripes and bleached whites on darling a-line skirts, shorts and triangular bikini-style blouses. The super fresh and highly interchangeable collection is young, sexy and cool.

The bikini top design influences the collection, it appears in cotton button-down fabric and acts as a fresh alternative for summer gear, the silk evening tops are also modeled after the bikini but to a slinkier effect.

Styled just right on bleached blonds and auburn brunettes with tangled tresses and flushed skin, the overall look takes us back to Alexander’s early days when he was THE designer for the “IT GIRL”.

Noted is the cool technical redesign of a surfer’s rash guard, the protective gear is reconstructed as clingy knit dresses and boudoir-ish slips, cut in neon tracksuit material.

Some looks are definitely a matter of taste but overall the collection is a win for the California-born designer.

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