Telfar’s Sports-Lux Spring 2017 Collection.

New York: A great way to upscale sportswear is to combine it with an enduring fashion element. In this case, Telfar ingeniously uses stripes. The chic stripes made popular by nautical looks in resort-wear jumps to sportswear.

And seriously, why not?  The elegant stripes of Coco Chanel are also the Breton stripes of dock-side workers. Why not apply the flexible pattern to the broadening definition of “sportswear”, which is exactly what the designer did.

“This isn’t men’s, it’s not women’s, it’s not just sport, it’s not just streetwear, it’s not just casualwear. It’s clothing.” -designer Telfar Clemens

For Spring, those ‘clothes’ are super simple yet are tampered with convention, and come in a palette of what Clemens calls “Martha Stewart” colors (mid-grade blue, tangerine, lime) derived from paint chips from Home Depot.

“The polo shirt comes from all different walks of life—the really, really low end to the high. From golf, to, you know, almost refugee. It’s universal.”

They are excellent. As are mock-cardigans with deep buttoned Vs that meet at the navel and not quite the hem. And the track pants with varsity stripes or slices at the knee.


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