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New Gucci “Ace”sneaker seen around the world

Yesterday Gucci launched 24 Hour Ace, a new digital project that put the decorated low-top sneakers in the hands of video artists from all over the world. The result: a series of colorful and dynamic films that brought the sneaker to life.

What the artists demonstrates is the radical potential of sneakers as fashion. The styling  is unique to the wearer.

While the sneaker was quietly launched this summer Gucci rolled out the #24HourAce digital campaign on its social media channels yesterday.

The artists behind #24HourAce were given an hour yesterday to take over Gucci’s Snapchat to explain their collaborations with the brand. The posts began pouring in from Tokyo before making it’s way to Berlin, Milan, London, Dublin, South Africa and elsewhere, with the coverage ending in New York..


Gucci #24hourace on snapchat

“Creativity is often born and finds its voice in digital media, a vital source of visual culture,” Gucci creative director Alessandro Michele said on his brand’s website.

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