Fashion Trends

Yeezy: Utilitarian Essentials.

New York: Utilitarian, which means ‘used a lot’, is the primary focus of the Yeezy collections each and every season. Believe it or not the Spring 2017 body-con line by the Grammy award winning artist practice’s severe restraint by minimizing shape and managing a simple color palette in basic nudes.

The uniformity of the austere collection establishes a disciplined mood and speaks to the moderation by the designer- who is known for his ostentatious behavior. The collection offers simple, basic pieces that are well made and meant for broad functional use.

Most exciting were the elements of femininity like the delicate patterns of treelike camouflage on the parkas, they are soft and understated and stand well alongside the traditional camo jackets, also in a softer print.

Another highlight is the selection of durable shearling coats in palette matching colors which are strong enough to stand out in the maze of nude designs.




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