The $575,000 watch collaboration with Ferrari

Hublot is set to release the new MP-05 La Ferrari Sapphire watch in Los Angeles this evening. In a first for the brand, Hublot will premier an animated-short film by Digital Domain to display the power of the $575,000 timepiece which will premiere to an intimate client list tonight.

The story of the LaFerrari Sapphire watch goes back to 2013 when Ferrari first collaborated with Hublot’s 50-day power reserve timepieces and made them their official high-end watch making partner. The complicated movement inside the watch has elements from a series of exotic watch projects developed by Mathias Buttet. The movement is breathtakingly cool, all set inside the sapphire crystal case. A single watch is produced from 637 parts with 108 jewels.

The crown jewel of this incomparable timepiece is the design. The entire case looks like a LaFerrari engine bay, with the mechanical movement inside representing, of course, the engine.

The Hublot MP-05 LaFerrari Sapphire watch

The Hublot MP-05 LaFerrari Sapphire will be produced as a limited edition of 20 pieces. The launch party to “kick-off” the new limited edition timepiece is schedule for tonight on the rooftop of Los Angeles’ Ace Museum. Surrounded by Ferraris and classic cars, 50 clients can scope the watch that requires more than 600 hours of craftsmanship and weighs only 53.5 grams on the wrist.

Not shy about hosting elaborate parties that allow customers to hobnob with partners such as Kobe Bryant and Chelsea Football Club, the LVMH Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton-owned brand is replicating a drive-in cinema with the Hollywood sign in the distance.

The animated-short film that will introduce the watch is set in a high-tech laboratory, 3-D scanners analyze the engine of Ferrari’s FXXK hypercar as it speeds around a track in a sapphire city. Simultaneously, lasers carve out the case of the watch. Once the power reserve reaches 50 days, which Hublot said is a historic record, the race and watch are finished.

“I know this watch by heart — every feature, every detail. The film literally plunged me into sensations that I have never felt before,” said Ricardo Guadalupe, chief executive officer of Hublot.


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