Fashion Week

New York Fashion Week Designers Deliver Video Invitations For The Shows.

Part of the fun of the fashion week shows are the over the top set designs. Marc Jacobs once installed a train station replete with a live locomotive. The Alexander McQueen holographic “Kate Moss” show is legendary.

But Karl Lagerfeld for Chanel produces the most talked about shows. Two epic themes are the Chanel airport created for the Spring 2015 collection, or more recently, the Chanel supermarket which featured rows and rows of “Chanel” household goods.

Chanel runway set for Fall/ Winter 2015-16

Most designers cannot compete with the spending budget of these global name brands and yet there are the occasional small but brilliant ideas. Ramy Brook, a contemporary sportswear design atelier, has found one with the custom video-card invitation sent to buyers and the media.

The elegant card’s simple gold script requests your RSVP, and embeded inside is a simple video inviting you to preview their collection at Coterie at the Jacob Javits Center at NYFW on Sept. 6 .

Images from Ramy Brook's video invitation.
Images from Ramy Brook’s video invitation.
Images from Ramy Brook's video invitation.
Images from Ramy Brook’s video invitation.

The video includes the invitation and the backstory of the brand.

“In four minutes, we explain how Ramy Brook got started, who we are today and what we stand for,” said Ramy Sharp, founder and creative director.

“We felt a visual experience with me telling the story would be the best way to connect directly. Since I am not able to tell our story in person to everyone, although I would like to, we found the next best way.”

Ramy Sharp, founder and creative director

The company worked on the video invitation with Engaging Invites and produced the video themselves. The video project cost in excess of $50,000- remember, big budget runway themed shows can easily run into the 7 figure range. Ramy Brook sent out about 500 invitations to specialty and major department stores late last week.

For spring, Ramy Brook is offering intricate woven pieces and knits, as well as dresses, tops, skirts, rompers and pants. This past spring, Ramy Brook hired Ines Huh, as the new design director, who joined the team from Michael Kors, and the brand has expanded its styles and silhouettes.

Ramy Sharp Spring 2016 collection

The brand’s Coterie booth will be twice as large as the previous season and will feature a lounge area so buyers can relax.

You read my mind.

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