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Hotel G-Rough In Rome Promises A New Travel Experience

Hotel G-Rough, like the ancient city it resides in, Rome, has seen much history. Built in the 1600s and renovated in the late 1800s, its architecture showcases the typical Roman bourgeois style of the seventeenth century.

G-Rough Hotel exterior

The palace was transformed into a hotel in the early 2000s by visionary, Emanuele Garosci and his business partner Gabriele Salini, an authentic 9th generation Roman with a passion for art and vintage design. The two came together—friends, business partners, and bon vivants—thanks to a shared vision of redefining luxury.

The name G-Rough offers you a peek at the personality of this hotel which offers an unconventional hospitality approach, it trades traditions in hoteling for a cool new “Made in Italy” experience. First of all, there’s no formal reception; instead guests are checked-in at the bar over a welcome drink and assigned a ‘lifestyle butler’.

And that’s just the beginning.

“We’re presenting a very Italian sense of luxury here—one with history, design, and a touch of whimsy,” says entrepreneur Gabriele Salini, the other bold visionary at work here.

Specifically, G-Rough offers guests an insider slice of the city. G-Rough guests are made privy to hidden Roman sights, museums, trendy nightlife and palazzo tours that the hotel organizes under the ‘Unconventional Experiences’ banner.

“I created a booklet in which I recommend all the great places that mean something to me in the city, such as restaurants that are authentic to the true Roman experience,” Garosci explains.

“And we also have a very strong connection with a company called Italy’s Finest that gives our guests access to the grandest parties on the city’s most beautiful rooftops or enables them to visit a private noble palace to see hidden mosaics on the floor, as well as other types of insider experiences.”

The hotel itself is a showcase of iconic Italian designers with brands from the 1930s to the 1950s, such as Ico Parisi, Giò Ponti, Venini, and Seguso. Here, their genius is celebrated in a stylish mix of modern and vintage decor within the antique frame of the Roman building.

Kitchen at G Rough hotel in Rome’s Piazza Navona.


Contemporary wine gallery at G Rough hotel in Rome

Communal spaces are limited to the bar, but in-room massages can be arranged on request in any of the 10 suites. Every room within G-Rough hotel is equipped with an annexed living room with a comfortable lounge area as well as a bathroom with mosaic or hardwood floors.

G-Rough hotel interiors

Staging 1940s Italian designer pieces within original vintage spaces, G-Rough creates a Fellini-esque visual landscape that meshes fantasy and baroque.  As such, the rooms at this original hotel are worthy of a veritable design museum.


G-Rough hotel facade

“I decided that I wanted our guests to feel like they are guests in my home. It’s a great claim for our hotel. We give guests the feeling of being part of a palace home, yet with services offered in a five-star hotel.”

Rome, Italy
from EUR 288

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