Photography exhibition: The Helmut Newton influence

Simultaneously with Helmut Newton – A Retrospective showing in Amsterdam, three young photographers are exhibiting who are working at the cutting edge of fashion, portrait and glamour photography.

Selected artists, Carlijn Jacobs, Elizaveta Porodina and Philippe Vogelenzang, each demonstrate a strong, unconventional visual language in both their commercial and autonomous work, reminiscent in various ways of certain Helmut Newton influences.

Vivian Atlantis, 2016 © Carlijn Jacobs / Courtesy of the artist

The work of these three autonomous fashion photographers expresses the visual connections with Helmut Newton’s work in various ways: Carlijn Jacobs shows the importance of the setting around the model, creating an own universe, while in the series by Elizaveta Porodina the cinematic qualities of the image always suggest a bigger picture. Portraying a person in an iconic visual language is characteristic of both Helmut Newton’s and Philippe Vogelenzang’s work. But it is mainly the working method, particularly the unrestrained realization of personal fantasies and concepts entirely in their own style, that distinguishes these three talents from the current world of fashion photography.

Visitor information:

Foam Museum
Keizersgracht 609
1017 DS Amsterdam
The Netherlands
+31 (0)20 551 6500

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Nichelle Cole is the founder & editor-in-chief of The Fashion Plate magazine. A respected writer, stylist and influencer, she has been published in fashion magazines around the world.

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