A Special Fold: Louis Vuitton’s ‘Foldabe Lounge’ Chair At Miami Design Week.

Louis Vuitton’s innovative new line of travel furniture called Objet Nomades began in 2012 as a way to pay homage to the company’s historic trunks. The luxury travel brand collaborates with up-and-coming and emerging designers to create home goods such as chairs, hammocks, lamps and tables out of Louis Vuitton leather and materials. Each year a collection is presented at the Louis Vuitton showroom during Miami Design Week.

Inside Louis Vuitton’s Miami Design District store

This year, Dutch designer Marcel Wanders presents an extra luxurious travel chaise that seems like a dream. It is a true novelty design for Louis Vuitton. The piece was shown during Milan’s Salone del Mobile 2016 before making it’s debut in Miami.

Salone del Mobile 2016, Louis Viutton presented the chaise lounge project by Marcel Wanders

Marcel who loves “smart” design and the romantic side of life created an object for the frequent traveler who prefers their own things when they’re on the road.

“It can go anywhere” Wanders says. “It’s a piece you would take to a nice warm climate, sit in the sun and drink martinis. It’s kind of different and iconic.

The foldable lounge is inspired by Ocean Drive in South Beach. The special folds, offered in tan leather or turquoise blue, divides into three parts that work independently or together for effortless mobility and use.

Louis Vuitton’s Objets Nomades chaise lounge by Marcel Wanders
Inside Louis Vuitton’s Miami Design District store

Perfect as a chaise, but also as separate seats (armchairs and ottomans), it is a traveling companion that is both handy and ultra-chic: perfect for relaxing alone or to entertain friends while traveling.

“To be honest, the big challenge for us in the process was to find a product that is innovative, iconic and different,” Wanders says. “It had to be an object that makes sense to bring somewhere and be collapsible, which has a kind of transient concept behind it, and yet to have a super high quality identity.”

Each piece is covered in a soft Napa leather outside and finished in suede inside. The straps that connect the modules are also finished in a natural leather.

The Chaise Lounge for Louis Vuitton’s Objets Nomades collection by Marcel Wanders

The chaise is made of carbon fiber high-tech material which is extremely light and ultra-strong. Wanders says they worked on seven other prototypes over the course of two years before landing on the lounge chair. “Realizing the piece in all the perfect detail, it took us maybe nine months or so, but to really get the right concept, it took a long time.”

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