Paris Louvre Museum’s Bold New Performance Art Project

In Louis XIV’s Marly gardens in Paris amongst sculpture ruled by a subtle play of perspectives, symmetries and intervals, a performance art creation by Volmir Cordeiro takes place. The dancer addresses the space and the forces that it brings into play. His choreography explores an instinctive coming together of heterogeneous images, or an “obscene constellation” as he puts it.

This conceptual art piece is part of a new program offered by Fiac, a foundation for contemporary arts Paris. The location of this contemporary arts play is in the Louvre, the world’s largest museum best known for its collection of antiquities and priceless masterpieces.

via twitter. Volmir Cordeiro dances while performance mate Timbó plays percussion at the Louvre Museum in Paris

Performance pieces like these are part of the Louvre’s new contemporary art program, in partnership with the Fiac fair, that will be on show in various courtyards of the Louvre museum this autumn.

The Parades for Fiac project, which encompasses contemporary dance and poetry readings, will formally launch at the museum with Corbeaux, a 2014 work by the Moroccan dancer and choreographer Bouchra Ouizguen. The performance will be held in the Cour Carrée of the Louvre from 17th October until 23th October.

Participating in Parades for Fiac reflects the Louvre’s growing interest in the discipline of performance art. Most noted is a new exhibition announcement entitled Body in Movement which opens this autumn at the museum (La Petite Galerie, 6 October-3 July 2017).

Performance choreographed by Benjamin Millepied

The show, which is co-organised by the Louvre’s director Jean-Luc Martinez and the high-profile choreographer Benjamin Millepied, will include more than 70 works from antiquity to the early 20th century focusing on the body in motion.

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