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Dior collaborates with British artist Marc Quinn on a new Lady Dior bag

The London artist Marc Quinn recently announced his new exclusive collaboration with the House of Dior on the Dior Mag, revealing his inspirations, his artistic vision and his impressions of the unique leather accessories collection he designed for the house.

Orchids have been a source of fascination for the artist for nearly two decades. They’ve turned up as giant glossy sculptures in bronze and in ice, and on canvases, streaked with drippy rainbows of paint, so supersized that their floral contours are rendered alien.

So it’s perhaps no surprise that these otherworldly blooms should find their way into Quinn’s latest project: a vivid collection of handbags and accessories in collaboration with the French fashion house Christian Dior.

Marc Quinn for the Lady Dior Bag

Marc Quinn for the Lady Dior Bag

Marc Quinn for the Lady Dior Bag

It marks a distinct moment for the Dior brand – coinciding with the unveiling of the House of Dior, a stately double-fronted townhouse on Bond Street that’s been redesigned by architect Peter Marino.

Marc Quinn for Lady Dior

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