The City, Society, Conflict & Self In Hungarian Photography

ECHOES: City, Society, Conflict & Self in Hungarian Photography
The exhibition presents 32 modern and contemporary artists. It includes Moholy-Nagy’s geometric images of city spaces, where the human element is subordinated to formal frameworks.

Milán Rácmolnár. Capa Corrupted #3, 2013. Backlit film print


András Bánkuti / Máté Bartha / Brassaï / Robert Capa / Ákos Czigány / Luca Gőbölyös 
Karina Horitz / André Kertész / Imre Kinszki / Adél Koleszár / Gábor Arion Kudász 
György Lõrinczy / Lázló Moholy-Nagy / Mari Mahr / Zsuzsanna Marinka / Balázs Máté 
Dóra Maurer / Mátyás Misetics / Szilvia Mucsy / Martin Munkácsi / Tomas Opitz 
Sándor Pinczehelyi / Marcell Piti / Sylvia Plachy / Milán Rácmolnár / Anikó Robitz 
Gyula Sopronyi / Lenke Szilágyi / Éva Szombat / Endre Tót / János Vető 
625 West 27th Street 
New York, NY 10001 
+1 347 237 1428 
Mari Mahr, Unconsciously Perhaps, 1988
Mari Mahr, from the series “A Few Days in Geneva.” 1985
Curated by Gary van Wyk 
Sponsored by Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade
Presented by: Consulate General of Hungary, Balassi Institute, Art Market Budapest, & AlmaOnDobbin

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