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Roman Kozak: The elegant luxuriant wind from Lebanon

By Roman Kozak

On a warm day in July in Rome the haute-couture fashion week – Alta Roma – commenced. I’d had an opportunity to see the collections captured for the Fashion Plate Magazine by photographer and friend Luca Latrofa; he photographed at every backstage show there. As I Reviewed all the photos I was really struck by the new Hussein Bazaza collection.

The talented designer from Lebanon worked as an intern at Maison Rabih Kayrouz in Paris and later he continued his work as a junior designer in his native city of Beirut for Elie Saab.

In this haute-couture collection I noticed his refined style of dress making and I clearly saw why he was taken in for Elie Saab. The most beautiful dresses were made with a specific “merletto” lace which emphasized the floral character of the collection. Light blue, red, silver white and black –was the color palette of Bazaza for this haute couture season.

Another beautiful combination were tops, skirts and dresses – everything made of silver white nylon with cut-out circles and inserted fragments of white lace. There were embroidered pieces and a lot of sequins applied on the cloth – so much handmade – that’s why I could understand why it was called haute-couture, alta moda!


Bazaza also presented new shoes with a transparent surface. I don’t know if they were comfortable for models to wear but I found them interesting with the possibility to show a lady’s colorful pedicure.

Hussein Bazaza Haute Couture collection for Alta Roma 2016 (ph. Luca Latrofa/Salvatore Dragone/Luca Sorrentino)
Hussein Bazaza Haute Couture collection for Alta Roma 2016 (ph. Luca Latrofa/Salvatore Dragone/Luca Sorrentino)

At this fashion show the make-up was very contrasting – bright skin with bright marks and dark lips. The straightened hair tied in a knot at the nape completed these simple looks of an elegant woman created by Hussein Bazaza.

Now I’m very excited for new collections from this young designer and what he would create next season. I will wait for this creative wind from Lebanon which may bring some change for our ladies’, or maybe not- either way I expect the continued elegant style of Hussein Bazaza


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