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This may contain gluten: A fashion film by Stella McCartney

Just a few days after the launch of her Fall 2016 ad campaign, Stella McCartney has released a short fashion film, titled This Film May Include Gluten.

In the film I wanted to also keep a lightness, not taking fashion too seriously allowing us to enjoy it every single day.

The Simon Aboud-directed feature is a light-hearted take on a behind-the-scenes documentary at the new season shoot featuring Amber Valetta with cheeky cameo appearances from Stella herself and British singer, Jess Glynne. Model Amber Valletta does her best impression of a health-obsessed fashion diva. Highlights include Valletta hidden behind a pair of McCartney’s glamorous cat-eye sunglasses, hissing “they have no almond milk here,” into her cellphone. Throughout, pink-and-white boxes of ‘Pop’—the house’s youthful new fragrance—and selected pieces from Stella’s Fall collection make an appearance.

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