Remember these words: Tech Enabled Clothing.

As garments take on a new multipurpose role, is tech-enabled clothing the future of apparel? Scott Jordana non-practicing attorney created an innovative line of clothing that put the words “Technology Enabled Clothing, or TEC, on the map. TEC is a line of internal pockets that were specifically designed by Jordana to protect a person’s phone or other portable electronic devices. The original design incorporates into any vest or jacket and its purpose is to provide “saver transport” and even a faster trip through airport security.

Tech Enabled Clothing design by Scott Jordana

As of right now, this patented technology is only used in Jordan’s retail business, but the possibilities of this functional design for high fashion purposes is limitless.

Smart clothes as wearable fitness items rose prominently in early 2015 and has quickly tapered off. Designers have been searching for ways to make wearables more advanced and more popular, and tech-enabled clothing might be the future.

What could be more convenient than having the tech woven into the very clothes you’re wearing?


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