Prada’s ‘Charmed’ Handbag Accessories.

Floral embellishments highlight the Resort 2017 womenswear and accessories collections. Prada solidify’s the season’s trend with their new collection of “Charmed” bags with lovely rose motifs made by intricate leather cutouts or shaped with metal in golden tones placed along the cross body strap.

The campaign shot by photographer Steven Meisel features models: Vanessa Axente, Vittoria Ceretti, Lorena Maraschi, Sasha Pivovarova, Fei Fei Sun

“An obsession with lightness brings a weightless atmosphere to the campaign. It is a pause for reflection. A calm and collected mediation. An ode to individuality.


The individuality of the five protagonists is emphasized by classic Prada bags, slung over shoulders with assured and eclectic attitudes.


An effortless poetry defines the campaign images, at once pale, playful and provocative. Each composition conveys the sense of endless possibility and fluidity that defines the modern Prada woman.” -From PRADA

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