Prada pays tribute to the art of Carlos Cruz-Diez

Having always greatly appreciated Carlos Cruz-Diez Miuccia Prada offered homage in the greatest way a designer can- she used the work of the artist as a starting point for the design of the façade of the re-opened Prada boutique located in Shanghai, Plaza 66.


“Prada wishes to express its admiration for French-Venezuelan artist Carlos Cruz-Diez, one of the leaders of the kinetic art movement, an innovative form of dynamic expression with a strong visual impact.” -Miuccia Prada

Prada’s signature round-edged windows at Shanghia’s Plaza 66 reflect the inspiration of the art by Carlos Cruz-Diez

Inside the main room: the space is framed by Prada’s signature round-edged windows, the floor glistens with black and white chequered tiles. The original Milan Galleria store is reflected in tall vitrines and beamed ceilings in the familiar Prada“Encausto Verde”. Needless to say the entry hall is breathtaking, there are three more floors linked by a vertical band of green and white marble.

Ascension to each new salon reveals a new decor, a new experience-  different in heights and shapes for an individual journey in each new room. The color palette is influenced by the work of Carlos Cruz-Diez, by the lightness and textures of the artist works.

The store re-opening was followed by a party that included a prized appearance by the artist himself.

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