The Perfect Brow

Eyebrows have had a starring role in beauty trends for decades. In the 1920s, silver screen stars like Anna May Wong and Clara Bow wore pencil-thin brows with a severe downward-curving tail, and every decade that followed saw its share of brow-raising trends that would come and grow in waves. Perhaps thanks to Audrey Hepburn’s full set in the 1960s, arches began taking on a more natural appearance. Today, trends like Lace front eyebrows or the feather touch tattoo technique proves nothing has stopped womens’ obsession to create the perfect brow to frame her face.


Part of the brow buzz perpetuated by the massive instagram community is owned in part to brands like Benefit. The leading authority on creating #browsonfleek, Benefit has been a trailblazer in beautiful brows since the brand’s beginnings in the 1970s. Founders Jean and Jane Ford started doing brows in their first makeup boutique in San Francisco, giving birth to the now famous BrowBar. The trendy locales – there are over 1,800 BrowBar beauty lounges in over 40 countries, have been transforming women since their doors opened.

Benefit has over 1,800 BrowBar beauty lounges in over 40 countries, transforming women since their doors opened in 1976.

The first brow products for at home use were introduced by Benefit back in 1980 and Benefit has never stopped innovating with better products to solve brow dilemmas.


So why the obsession?  Eyebrows are the trickiest thing to perfect on the face – and a well defined brow virtually eliminates the need for full face make-up. For a quick dash out of the house well shaped brows that frame a pair of mirrored sunnies is still trés chic!

Victoria Beckham Women’s Gold Classic Mirrored Sunglasses

Good news! Benefit has created a new brow-centric product. The collection launch includes a nine piece set and is currently making waves with vloggers on YouTube for its character driven packaging (it’s too cute). groupshot_open-ok-site-1000x550

The Benefit Brow Collection touts a brow match to every individual, even those of us whose biggest beauty challenge is our very light copper colored eyebrows or for others with blondish-white eyebrows both of which can appear nearly invisible.


The range of colors in the collection  includes three to six natural shades and with custom-designed applicators, pencils and gel- seriously there is a solution for every brow dilemma!

Personally I’m in love with the Gimme Brow, a volumizing fiber gel and applicator brush. I’m secretly obsessed with the Cara brow!

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