Roman Kozak: Damir Doma’s Ocean of Art.

By: Roman Kozak

Many hailed Damir Doma’s Spring 2017 collection as the most important menswear show this season. I recall the show so clearly, the weather was changing every two hours, I was wearing a flexible look and felt comfortable to go and see one more show. I had the invitation from our Editor-in-Chief, Nichelle Cole to go to Damir Doma as our resident fashion journalist.

Decayed walls and raw columns were the backdrop of the artistic Damir Doma menswear collection Spring 2017

When I arrived, I saw dirtied and defaced walls covered with writing. The place was strange, yet symbolic. When I entered inside I became excited. There was a large square piazza with a glass ceiling and a balcony which repeated the aesthetic of the entryway. All the attendees wore artistic looks and stood resigned waiting for the show to start.

In conversation with the Damir Doma press camp they told me the venue chosen for the show was symbolic – to emphasize the timely convergence of Damir Doma Men’s and Women’s collections.

The first model entered to the sound of a guitar. The internal duality of Damir Doma designs rose to the fore – enforcing a common sensuality through the rebellious nuances of Poor Art and Artisanal Devices.

The lines of the first looks were white and ochre colored. Light coats and bomber jackets, long shirts and large pants – everything was made in the creative artistic style of Damir Doma.

Damir Doma Spring 2017 (Milan), photo by journalist Roman Kozak

Long sleeve jackets and pajama shirts showed a relaxed mood of the part of the DD collection. I really liked the use of exquisite fabrics such as silk gazar, shrink-printed batik, spot-beached viscose and self-striped linen jacquard. These fabrics actually emphasized the eclectic divide between sober textiles and sensual treatments.

Damir Doma Spring 2017 (Milan)
Damir Doma Spring 2017 (Milan), photo by journalist Roman Kozak

The proportions of the silhouettes were stretched long and slim such as in the olive and black colored clothes. I saw a very interesting textural rub that scaled up and down the garments. And in the remaining looks I noticed interesting metal hooks used to drape the fabric, and black accessories, a necklace like a snood, a sort of choker, made with metallic elements.

Damir Doma Spring 2017 (Milan), photo by journalist Roman Kozak
Damir Doma Spring 2017 (Milan

Last looks presented floated and moved to the beat of the music. The clothes were made in a mixed silhouette, classic styles typically seen in clothing of both genders, which is very common nowadays. The men’s and the women’s shows united made the collection appear more unique, especially the adornments on both the men and women.

This fashion show left a wonderful sensation inside my head and gave me inspiration. With the warm waves of the Damir Doma outfits I felt an ecstasy effect which makes you desire to try something new…

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Nichelle Cole is the founder & editor-in-chief of The Fashion Plate magazine. A respected writer, stylist and influencer, she has been published in fashion magazines around the world.

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