Anti-fur activists, PETA depict Karl Lagerfeld as the grim reaper over the latest Fendi couture show

In Rome, PETA protesters swarmed outside the Fendi flagship store a few nights ago. The protest was in response to the use of fur in Fendi’s “Legends and Fairy Tales” fashion show at the famous Trevi Fountain.

The protest included a man clad as a”Karl Lagerfeld” Grim Reaper and protesters marched in the piazza before ‘s iconic storefront. The papier-mâché head mask of the iconic designer posed motionless holding a sign that read: “Fendi: Fur is Death,” marked with the PETA logo.

Famed creative designer of Fendi, Karl Lagerfeld

Karl Lagerfeld has defended himself to the PETA organization in the past but has not commented on the latest protests.