Issey Miyake’s new exhibition explores living in the future

The latest exhibition from the Issey Miyake foundation aims to raise awareness into the future of living. Doboku, a Japanese word for “civil engineering,” is the focus of the new architectural exhibition hosted in Japan. Doboku is written with two Chinese characters, “do (earth/soil) and “boku (wood). It is our living environment itself, and, as the English term implies, it is also an engineering technology for people.

Civil engineering in cities and towns provide a way for water to reach homes, roads to be driven on, and all of the elements in between that keep society sheltered and moving. “Doboku”is the foundation for designing an entire town to support a comfortable, high-quality life for all. It comprises things indispensable to our daily lives, such as railroads and other transportation networks; mobile phones, the Internet and other communications technologies; and waterworks, disaster countermeasures and other infrastructure.

This is a main topic of conversation as immigration, war and terrorism persists and the ideology of democracy and global freedom fall under pressure.

Inside the Issey Miyake Exhibition at the National Art Center in Tokyo.
Inside the Issey Miyake Exhibition at the National Art Center in Tokyo.


The exhibition, titled “DOBOKU: Civil Engineerine’ aims to create an opportunity to consider an even better future. Serving as the exhibition’s director, Hiroshi Nishimura is an expert in the fields of civil engineering and architecture, he has designed station buildings and bridges, and created landscapes and towns all over Japan.


And for this exhibition, the installations created in conjunction with the Exhibition Planning Team of civil engineering experts, as well as participating designers and artists, encourages the public to get to know civil engineering in greater depth.

DOBOKU: Civil Engineerine’ exhibition will bring civil engineering closer to you, and make it an opportunity to reexamine the difficult-to-see aspects of your daily lives as something relevant to you. -Hiroshi Nishimura

Design Sight Exhibition
Location: 9-7-6 Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo JAPAN
Date: June 24 (Fri) — September 25 (Sun), 2016
/ Tel. +81 (0) 3-3475-2121
Organized by : Design Sight, The Miyake Issey Foundation
In association with: Agency for Cultural Affairs; Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry;

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