Claire Leinase inks new Japanese restaurant in France with yakuza tattoo motifs

Tattoo interiors in trendy dining is a chic new theme in restaurants. Often fresh and modern, diners can expect a true feast for the eyes with the lavish interiors, which are inspired by tattoos and body art in all its forms.

New on the scene is Koï located in Aix-en-provence, a city in the south of France. The restaurant designed by architect Vincent Coste is a Japanese restaurant influenced by yakuza tattoos. Inside the restaurant are large monochromatic illustrations that depict the Japanese fish of the same name. The graphics, designed by Claire Leina, envelop the floor, walls and ceiling of the restaurant.

The graphics, designed by Claire Leina, envelope the floor, walls and ceiling

Claire Leina’s infectious energy is felt immediately in the design. On her website the artist introduces herself as a lover of patterns.


In addition to Leina’s graphic art work, the designer also creates beautiful surface patterns for wallpaper and dining sets typically in a black and white motif, but again, infused with vibrancy.

‘Habitat’ collection designed by Claire Leina

For the restaurant, Leina’s bold tattoo graphic is extended throughout the scheme of the restaurant, including the bathroom. The pattern is even applied to branded crockery.

In addition to the main dining area and bar the restaurant has a sheltered terrace at the rear which allows for outdoor dining, most popular in the afternoon for Sunday brunch.


The tattoo theme is extended throughout the remainder of the scheme
pale timber flooring is used alongside concrete countertops and a sheltered terrace located at the rear of the restaurant allows for outdoor dining

Koï Restaurant
4 Rue Paul Doumer, 13100 Aix-en-Provence, France
+33 4 42 50 05 05

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