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“High Hat Man And High Hat Woman” By Lynn Chadwich

Now on display from Art Basel Hong Kong are 25 bronze sculptures by Lynn Chadwick. This is an exciting opportunity to see work by one of the 20th century’s most important sculptors in the unique setting of Hong Kong.

The significant sculptures by the British artist Lynn Chadwick were presented on view across Hongkong Land’s portfolio in Central to coincide with the major art event, Art Basel Hong Kong 2016. The show presented unprecedented access to canonical artworks by this leading British post-war sculptor, known for his energetic and archetypal style. The collection, ranging from the diminutive to the monumental, was accompanied by a thoughtful educational programme encompassing complimentary art tours to students and the public.

Chadwick (1914-2003) was internationally renowned for his evolving series of metal sculptures, which habitually reference corporeal forms found in nature. The exhibition encompasses an impressive range of works developed over five decades, from early steel rod sculptures, to late figurative cast bronzes and reflective steel sheet beasts. A total of 19 sculptures, including two of Chadwick’s most important works, Three Elektras and Crouching Beast, are on display in the main exhibition area at The Rotunda of Exchange Square, and six monumental pieces at other prominent locations. Selected monumental pieces will remain on display until September 2016.

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