Prada’s Nomadic Clan

“I’m kind of finished with vintage,” Miuccia Prada declares, “This idea of traveling, sharing, joining different cultures is what interests me now.”

Colorful windbreakers and wicker sunhats set the tone for Prada spring 2017 menswear. In fact travel inspired clothing and accessories dominated the extensive collection.

The collection was a mash-up of technical fabrics including micro-fibers, synthetic fibers like polyester- the sturdy material used to make camping tents, and lycra which she used as neon piping along vests and coats and along the inseam of trousers. Heavy duty muslim socks were layered and worn with sandals one would typically wear while hiking. Backpacks sported safety harnesses and waist belts for security. The accordion bag made another appearance here in the Prada show, carried by one of the female models, the 70s inspired bag appears to be a trend.

For evening, more camper tent polyester was used to make satiny style dresses which sported a gathered hem. And for men the windbreaker material was used to create long coats with rounded shoulders which were belted at the waist.

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