Damien Hirst’s Pharmacy 2 Restaurant, Revival Of A London Legend.

Located within Newport Street Gallery in Vauxhall, south London is Pharmacy 2, Damien Hirst’s restaurant, relaunched in collaboration with Mark Hix.Legend has it the original Pharmacy in Notting Hill represented the heights of metropolitan glamour in the 90s when frequented by the likes of Madonna and David Bowie. The restaurant was outfit in blinding white furniture and featured “nurse” attendants dressed in Prada hospital gowns.

Eventually the hype faded and the restaurant shuttered in 2003, but nostalgia and a chance meeting with London chef Mark Hix convinced millionaire artist Damien Hirst to recreate a new restaurant, Pharmacy 2.

Damien Hirst, left, with chef Mark Hix

Pharmacy 2 opened with a bang, the reputation of it’s predecessor exceeding expectations. In reality the new eatery is relatively tame. The restaurant serves classic British and European food, catering to visitors at the exhibitions during the day, and evening diners when the galleries close.

The menu reflects Hix and Hirst’s shared passion for quality food made from fresh ingredients where Brik à l’oeuf is delivered on a vast sheet of fried filo pastry cuddling a cleverly still-runny duck egg; on the side.

Pharmacy 2 restaurant by Damien Hirst, in Vauxhall, London

The draw to the newly re-established restaurant in Vauxhall is, Pharmacy 2 gives visitors the opportunity to view some of Hirst’s own art. It features work from some of the artist’s most iconic series including the Medicine Cabinets and butterfly Kaleidoscope paintings. It’s like dining inside a living art installation.

Pharmacy 2 Newport Street Gallery, London SE11, 020-3141 9333. Open Tues-Sun, 10am-midnight (6pm Sun). About £30 a head, plus drinks and service.

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