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The Many Amazing New Designers In Gwen Stefani’s Video ‘Misery’

Gwen Stefani has released the newest video from her album “This Is What the Truth Feels Like,” and it shines bright with new designers. Released Tuesday, “Misery” parades a range of outfits through an industrial warehouse setting. Prominently featured looks include a red and yellow flowered dress by designer Gemy Maalouf, a stunning dress from Augustin Teboul, a tulle skirt by Filipino designer Rocky Gathercole, and an ethereal all-red look featuring a La Perla bustier. Fashion direction for the video was led by stylist team Rob Zangardi and Mariel Haenn.

Gwen Stefani in the ‘Misery’ video wearing Augustin Teboul

“The inspiration was to create a beautiful and striking look that had a juxtaposition to the industrial and gritty location,” Zangardi and Haenn commented. “The goal was to create a high fashion editorial story that no matter what the backdrop was, Gwen would stand out in a strong yet feminine and whimsical way.”

Gwen Stefani in a La Perla bustier

“We organically came up with each look in the fitting and then decided which location and set up would be most complementary based on lighting and background. Each look called for a a different hair and make up look as well, so for the whole glam team, we all were given the platform to push the creative boundaries.”

The Sophie Muller-directed video clocked nearly half a million views within a day of its release. Watch the video below to see all of Stefani’s looks.



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