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Start The Summer At The Helmut Newton Foundation, Berlin!

By: Roman Kozak

This week there is a summer exhibition opening at the Museum of Photography of the Helmut Newton Foundation in Berlin!

Three brave photographers with very different visions will be presented – Alice Springs (The MEP show),  Helmut Newton (Yellow press) and Mart Engelen (Portraits).

4_Helmut Newton with models_Monte Carlo_1997_copyright Alice Springs
Helmut Newton with models. Monte Carlo, 1997 ©Alice Springs

June Newton, well known under the pseudonym Alice Springs, has been having much success with her portraits and will now present them. Knowing that she is famous for her fashion and nude works has already wet my appetite!

2_Alice Springs_Helmut Newton with Lisa Lyon_Venice_California 1981_ copyright Alice Springs
Helmut Newton with Lisa Lyon. Venice, California, 1981 ©Alice Springs

Helmut will be reincarnated through this exhibition with “something new from the old-well-known” as there will be unpublished works from 1973 to 2002! These will include his mixed stories such as “self-appropriation”, “Lolita” for Playboy magazine and the scandalous documentary photos of Court proceedings in Monaco that he shot for the Paris Match. After the press from the last Newton exhibition presented with Alice Springs’ “Us and Them” I am excited to see what type of noise the showing will make this time!

5_Helmut Newton_The Woman on Level 4_V_Monte-Carlo_2000_copyright Helmut Newton Estate
The Woman on Level 4, V. Monte Carlo, 2000 ©Helmut Newton Estate

As Helmut Newton wanted, his wish will be posthumously fulfilled – in “June’s room” is where you will find the invited works of Amsterdam based photographer Mart Engelen. Engelen publishes a magazine devoted to exclusive photos, and for the exhibition he will debut more than 20 black and white portraits from the contemporary culture scene, inspired by French film Noir.

10_Mart Engelen_Pete Doherty_Montreux 2008_coypright Mart Engelen
Pete Doherty. Montreux, 2008 ©Mart Engelen

I’m always excited about furor-style exhibitions, so let’s start this summer on a new note and throw ourselves into the world of art! Let the heat begin!

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