A Real Man’s Wardrobe.

Written by: Roman Kozak

Here in Italy, especially in Milan the men’s style is at a high level. I’m still creating my personal style and living here I’ve found out that I don’t have a real man costume. The main thing is that next year I’ll finish my second Bachelor’s degree and for Italians it’s a very important occasion in life, so I really need a suit. Thanks to my friend (and our editor-in-chief) Nichelle, I was given a great possibility to find it – the Three Tailor’s Days.

So on a beautiful Sunday afternoon I went to Brian&Barry with my girlfriend and my friend who’s been to Brian&Barry before and who wanted to see what’s new. On the seventh floor two elegant gentlemen from Gierre Milano who greeted us and immediately invited us to see how real silk ties are made.

Founded in 1981 Gierre Milano works with the most important men’s accessories – ties and scarves. Everyday they create products with professionalism that combines craftsmanship, technique and style.  The Gierre company creates individual pieces according to the customer’s preference in fabric, pattern and details. As they said: “Our most important guiding rule is the daily challenge of ensuring that every item we make is “unique” for quality and price, and for the careful attention we give to service”. And that was true as we could see it with our own eyes.

As we continued our discover we passed by rows of chic shoes and was greeted by another gentleman from shoe company Boot Black who proposed to us a shoe cleaning. It was unexpected but so pleasant. Boot Black is a Japanese company and they have been working with shoes and accessories since 1919. The professionalism of that man who cared for my shoes and the level of the products he used really lifted my mood, and we spoke for a little while about shoe care.

Then finally I arrived to the section I was most interested in. Brian&Barry presented four professional companies that tailor made suits: Lardini, Boglioli, Tonello and Tagliatore. The gentle consultant proposed to me to try on a few pieces and with a mirror and good recommendations I chose a Lardini jacket.

There were also two different types of this item – with the internal epaulettes and the substrate, or a modern variant – without them. And actually I liked the last one. Also the consultant showed me where we’ll narrow the waist, extend the length and shorten the collar.


I was really satisfied with this event and the elegance and delicacy of the people who worked there. Also Lardini’s neat trick on jackets – a little flower – emphasized by my spring choice.

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