Genny Fall 2016: A Tribute To Art Deco

The sleek deco designs of Genny fall 2016 recall the passionate and flamboyant attitude of Joséphine Baker and the audacious Parisian nightlife of the roaring Twenties. The opening looks are in cream and winter white.  Silk fringe appear as a graphic intarsia on a feminine one-shoulder dress to stunning effect.

Color and texture dominate the seasons offerings, classic suits are designed in formal fabrics such as organza and chiffon.

Gowns are layered with fringe beading, jewel-like features are woven onto allusion nude fabrics and the collections motif, peacock features, are featured on dress and pantsuits.


Everything is grand, designed to effect, there is a flourish and panache to every single look. Gowns are enriched with fil coupe embroideries evoking the tones of the aurora borealis.


The most inviting looks are the oversized coats crafted from soft mohair fabric and the  black and white dresses and suits, also of mohair, that have a sort of Rorschach design element.XMTtjbm1pX2Ntc3BpY3R1cmU7aW1hZ2U7aWQ7MTEzODU3__W456H666R15BTRANSP___7ce40094


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