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Perrin Paris: Sophisticated Minimalism

Throw out and keep throwing out. Elegance means elimination” Jean Michel Frank
For Fall 2016 the designers for Perrin Paris were inspired by Jean Michel Frank, an iconic interior decorator from the early 20th century, and his sophisticated minimalist style. This season they sought to relinquish handbags from overwrought design and embellishment and instead focus on simple, beautiful tailoring and expert craftsmanship.

Perrin Paris, a heritage glove making brand for french haute couture houses that extends back to the late 20th century, is now a luxury accessories brand renowned for their conceptual wristlet design that allows the bags to be worn rather than carried.

This season the designers turned to the works of early 20th century French artists, decorators, photographers, and designers rooted in the French Art deco period.  For the collection, titled Pli (french for fold), the house applied unusual techniques to the leather such as wood steaming, bending and lacquering, that was then molded to metal structures.

“We chose chrome metal this season to bestow our handbags with a sleek and contemporary finish; not so subtly reminiscent of Anish Kappoor’s smooth and glossy metallic works.”

The color scheme is inspired by artist George Valmier’s abstractionist painting EVE (1930); where Bordeaux, Almond Green, Anthracite Grey, Baby Pink and Taupe all mingle with rich and luscious Licorice Black.



For more information or customer orders visit the Perrin Paris website

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