Roman Kozak: The New Fairytale By Bora Aksu

Red Riding Hood. The fairy tale where all the good characters survive thanks to the hunter. What could change the storyline? A Warrior Girl!

Bora Aksu Fall 2016

This is my association while reviewing the new collection presented by Bora Aksu at London fashion week for fall/winter 2016. The most charming look I find is one that combines our hooded girl with a warrior girl; the delicate hood is paired with a shoulder mantle and underneath it is a long lace dress. It’s a really specific lace and the designer uses it in most of the items of the collection. And that’s why I like it – for boys lace to us is always a mystery; it always covers, but at the same time shows small parts of the body. My girlfriend has some lace pieces, but these dresses would be adorable if she’d try them! I image her coming out of thickets of the Sempione park wearing this black dress, covering her beautiful head with a hood, I get pleasant goose bumps… Such a magic moment!Bora_Asku_fw16-1-620x930

I have a doubt about the transparent plastic mantles presented in the collection, if those are comfortable for women to wear or not. Isn’t it too hot to wear those for a long time, for a walk in the forest, for example? But, girls… you never know if they’d really feel good wearing that piece or if they just want to be on top of high fashion innovations.

For the beauty the models walk with thin braids that create an infantile illusion, a character of an innocent girl, which also helps this collection to be even more feminine. But the makeup shows another side, more strong, a warrior style, and it’s marvelous!

Bora Aksu beauty, backstage


At the end I want to tell one thing about the lace in this collection that seems for me analogous to the symbol of infinity, a symbol of a never-ending story; it exudes Bora Aksu as a creative designer with a big future. So I’m waiting for his new great collection – for the “fairy tales” that he will show me…

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