Roman Kozak: Charlotte Olympia Shoes Are Magic In The Moonlight

It’s the first time I’m writing about an accessories collection. And I begin with Charlotte Olympia and her shoes and bags… But those are very important parts of every woman’s wardrobe. And as Carrie Bradshaw said (yes, I watched Sex and the city with my mom when I was a child): “there has to be a women’s right to shoes!”

Charlotte Olympia Fall 2016

Charlotte Olympia Dellal is a successful footwear designer. Inspired by classical Hollywood glamour, and after studies in London College of Fashion, she created her own brand participating in LFW starting in 2008. Since 2010 she opened stores in different capitals around the world becoming famous when creating shoes for starlets on the Red carpet! Her design concept was to create feminine luxurious shoes and accessories with a sense of humor, but let’s see what Olympia is up to now…

Models in this season’s show appear from darkness wearing classic black dresses, so the shoes and bags are shining as bright as moonlight. It’s always a big question for girls to find the best combination of shoes and a bag to wear together… But Charlotte Olympia creates these accessories together and so there is no problem anymore! I like these sea blue leather shoes with the bag made of the same material.


Also cool are the crazy cloth bags shimmering with satin sandals with bows! What I really love – are the long suede boots with print, which I’d call “night shining flowers”, paired with a round bag of similar print, but made with fur pieces, it leads to some kind of magic…

In fact, seeing these black dresses I was thinking of my girlfriend because she likes a total black look; so I was searching what she’d like to have to wear when my eyes stopped on these Olympia black magic boots. CHARLOTTE-OLYMPIA-AW16-LOOK-32_426x639I think she will love them as I do, and that will complete her night fairy style…
Thank you, Charlotte, can’t wait to see your next exciting and cool collection!

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