How To Buy Less By Buying Better

A recent survey found that a majority of women’s garments are worn as few as seven times before landing in the back of the closet or tossed out in the garbage.

Thankfully the waste isn’t lost on consumers and there is a growing desire to combat the cycle as education regarding climate change and environmental waste creep into regular water cooler conversations.

And, there are a number of new online fashion retailers who are capitalizing on consumers’ desires to find a way to minimize waste by creating clothing that is meant to last. Their goal is to offer alternatives to so-called “fast fashion,” pioneered by the big high street fashion brand companies.

buy-less-choose-wellAmong the startups positioning themselves as durable and ethical alternatives to throwaway fads are online retailers such as Zady, Cuyana, Of a Kind, and Everlane.

But WAIT! Before you begin clicking the links to discover the fashion treasures they hold, here are three tips on how to buy less by buying better.

Tip #1

Quality: It’s a better long-term investment to buy high-quality pieces that last for several seasons. And surprisingly, you actually save money overall!  Investment pieces include outwear and accessories such as coats, shoes, boots and bags.

Tip #2

Form & Function: Your clothes should be both practical (easy to move in) and beautiful. This requires understanding a brands commitment to creative design that is durable and sustainable. The websites we’ve listed each boasts a commitment to ethical fashion practices and to showcasing the most innovative emerging talent in the industry.

Tip #3

Versatility: Stock your closet with pieces that can work for multiple occasions, outfits and seasons. Nowadays designers send separates down the runway in complimentary colors with the express purpose of providing women with easy mix & max options.

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