Roman Kozak: Malloni Black Takes Us To The Orient

Light scented aromas and slow motifs of music in the background make a charming atmosphere in the showroom. The new collection is inspired by Mongolia and the nomadic people of its endless lands.

malloni-6 copia
Malloni Black FW 2016

The Kimono is the basic element the designer uses for coats and dresses, they are designed in a multitude of materials including mohair wool.

The fall 2016 Malloni collection presents clothes from the East but in a different light. Jacquard, gilet- and plisse dresses amaze me with their warrior style. Also on most of them I find interesting geometric embellishments – embroideries with the national Mongolian symbol.DSC_0019

Malloni, at its essence, is a lifestyle brand made of impressive and refined clothing. Their new icon this season is the geometric structure of the coat, representative of the style of the central-east Asian woman. For example, padded nylon kimonos are an innovative reinterpretation of the padded jacket; as well as the long hair faux fur coats, attendant in most items of the collection, often found in Mongolian designs.malloni-11

In the showroom the designer also features the Malloni Gray collection. Accessories and shoes line simple white shelves– everything is made in the deep Asian style.

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Malloni Grey Accessories collection FW 2016DSC_0030Beige, gray and black colors on binomial wool and viscose describe exactly the bright matt contrast in the collection. Malloni Black has its own spirit, from traditions to contemporary interpretations, and it comes in a new concept and a new silhouette.

In different climatic changes it proposes to women a soft, sensual protection with its warmth and enveloping allure.malloni-4

Nowadays it’s important to be prepared, who knows what the winds of tomorrow will bring us…

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