Roman Kozak: No. 21 is what I want to wear for her

Milan. Really cold winter for Italy… I’m wrapping up in my scarf and going out to see what the winds of change have brought to the new collections. I really feel good change is coming to my life. No, really I feel it’s happening now and I want to search for something new, to read new books, to visit new places, to taste other flavors, to add great pieces to my wardrobe… And to do everything for her, to elevate my look – to surprise her!

My girlfriend will come here in ten days and I want to prepare myself; so walking through the Riccardo Grassi showroom for work, I’m a presentation model, my view stopped on a really interesting and eclectic collection made by Alessandro Dell’Acqua for No. 21. I like it! Here I can find everything, so simple, from casual looks to exquisite weekend and evening clothes.

For a nice afternoon walk I know my girl will wear her beautiful beige trench coat, that’s why I’d choose this bordeaux-black geometric ornamental jacket (which looks like a shirt, so it’s really a nice visual deception) made of boucle, very soft and warm material;  the combination with olive green pants makes this look more appropriate for this cold season.

I’ve never been to the theatre in Milan and I wanna go with her. I hope she will wear one of her classic short dresses so I’d layer two of these bright No. 21 shirts, a really bright combination, one the color of wet sand, and on top of it – another bordo shirt, a delicate one, made of lace; I’d pair it with black skinny pants that would give my look an artistic mood.

No. 21 Fall 2016 look from the runway

We both study now and both in art, fashion and culture. The everyday student’s look is really diversified nowadays and stylish couples have such a big assortment of clothes! I really like these new No. 21 coats with horizontal pieces, but I’m even more impressed about the jumpers with big pockets in the front; I’d try to wear it with the same colored pants (I’m already in love with the bordeaux  and deep blue color) – I see it as a really artistic look; going to meet my girlfriend on my way from my atelier to the gallery, I imagine what she would say about it (as she also likes to wear long cardigan sweaters with big pockets).

I know in March we will take a trip to visit her parents. So as for a holiday look I want to wear one of the No. 21 mohair sweaters. I remember how she loved it last time when I was trying one on at a fitting for work; it’s such soft material and looks amazing either with classic pants, or with jeans. There are also deep orange and purple sweaters and another one with beige and olive-green horizontal stripes.

No. 21 Fall 2016 mohair jumper

And I would really like to buy a shirt for her, because here I see some pieces of the women pre-fall collection for 2016. One of these wet-sand or olive-green blouses would look great with her long blonde hair…

I’m so glad I passed here, now I know what to propose to her to “wear-with-me”, or at least to hear some criticism, ha-ha! Let’s hope this freezing weather will pass quickly and spring will bring us not just the sun, but great ideas of what to present our girls from the next fashion week.

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