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Store Your Precious Gems In This Catherdral Inspired Case

This beautifully crafted, $14,000 luxury jewelry case gets its design inspiration from the stunning architecture of the Siena Cathedral in Italy.
The exterior of the box itself is made of carefully gray-dyed sycamore veneers that resemble the striking, striped pillars in the cathedral’s dome.

While the exterior of this luxury jewelry box is quite lovely, the interior is what really impresses. The carefully crafted box opens up like a three-dimensional puzzle, with various suede-lined drawers that spin out to each side. When one cube parts way for another, endless sections appear below. The $14,400 box is impressively very functional — with room to hold thousands of dollars worth of gilded rings, bracelets and necklaces.

Finally, to further personalize this special box, the lid features a silver plaque that can showcase an engraved name and message.

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