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Isaac Mizrahi & HP might’ve developed the best new smartwatch


Isaac Mizrahi teamed up with wearable tech giant HP to create a classic new smartwatch that has the best of both worlds. 

Most people are not 100% sold on the smartwatch idea. The clunky aesthetics and the many bells and whistles seem more trouble than they’re worth.

We too prefer the look and feel of a more traditional watch— it goes with everything, it’s reliable, and it’s not so obviously tech-y. Fortunately, the Isaac Mizrahi Swarovski crystal studded smartchwatch with HP might just change the game forever.



More an “enhanced timepiece,” as Fashionista calls it, than a smartwatch, the Isaac Mizrahi HP Smartwatch has the look and feel of a regular analog watch with all the benefits of other, more obviously tech accessories.

Essentially, it gives you what you want in an Apple Watch without sacrificing classic style. It comes in gold and silver, has a stainless steel case, supports Bluetooth connections and displays notifications on your wrist.

But the best things about the Isaac Mizrahi HP smartwatch is the price, it sells for $250.

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