TFP Original Editorial: It’s A Wrap.

We took inspiration from celebrity beauty editor Lara Piras, known for her intricately tied head scarves (“literally every print you can think of—bold florals, paisleys, jungle patterns, stripes, and solid colors as well”), and styled it with four innovative looks for everyday life.

Vacay glamour:

This first look recalls the glamour and drama of headwraps worn by stylish women vacationing in the Mediterranean. Only thing missing are the giant sunnies.

page2_Cinti_Miranda K_edited-1

Girls night out:

This next look by Redemption Paris calls for a funky Saturday night out dancing with your girlfriends until dawn.


Jet-set life:

Equally important are those days you want to fly under the radar. Everyone from Kate Hudson to Eva Mendes have been snapped at the airport in what the fashion blogs are calling the Gypsy wrap.


Working girl:

In the past a headwrap at work would get you questioning looks. But the key to today’s professional headwrap is to stay within a monotone color palette.


page5 editIf you are ready to give this a try, below are headwrap instructions from the headwrap queen Lara Parsi.  These are her tips for knotting the perfect headwrap, just so.

Louisa Parris Savoy scarf, $195,

1) Double the scarf in a triangle shape.

2) Flip your head forward and throw your hair over.

3) Position the scarf overhead with ends forward. Tie one knot with the ends coming together underneath the hair at your forehead, leaving the triangle top free. Then, pull the hair forward and through and fold the rest of the scarf over the loose hair.

4) Tuck in the free part of the scarf into the first knot. Pull all the hair and scarf ends atop your head and finish by knotting the two leftover ends at the crown.

If you give it a try send us a pic via email! We’ll post it on twitter!  Happy knotting!
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