ASOS Designs A Cool New Collection With London’s ChiChia

For Spring 2016 ASOS clothing collaborates with London-based designer Christine Mhando, graduate from Kent University, on a colorful Africa inspired collection called ASOS Africa X ChiChia.

ChiChia is the name of designer Christine Mhando’s brand which is currently sold on mega-sites like Not Just A Label.

Each collection by ChiChia consists of an eclectic range of dresses and separates in modern wearable silhouettes and styles in a variety of succulent colors. ChiChia’s intelligent use of eye-catching colorful prints in natural fabrics intermixed with beautiful embellishments and intricate detailing makes every piece uniquely innovative and a timeless addition to anyone’s wardrobe.

ChiChia has gained a cult following on the online blog circuit as well as extensive press attention in distinguished publications such as Grazia, Marie Claire, Cosmopolitan and Vogue Italia. The new collaboration with ASOS only cements the up-and-coming designers fashion street cred and with fans including Beyonce, ChiChia is fastly becoming recognized as an international African brand that modernizes and transforms traditional East African textiles into stylish, contemporary and considered fashionable attire.

On the collaboration Christine Mhando, ChiChia London has said,

“Having been an admirer of ASOS for years it has been such an exciting opportunity to partner with the brand on this project. The fact that we are collaborating on a collection which is produced in Africa, a concept very dear to my heart that fills me with a lot of pride.”

ASOS is part of a huge global community of customers, suppliers and colleagues. Their community engagement program is intended to reflect their responsibility to all these groups and to ‘put something back’ that makes a real difference.

The ASOS Foundation is about making long term partnerships and transforming the lives of young people through fashion and technology. Other projects ASOS is known for are Prince’s Trust, Udayan Care in India and SOKO in Africa.



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