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Versace Couture’s Spring 2016 Sportswear Inspired Collection

The Versace Couture Spring 2016 line was heavily influenced by the workout-a-holic designer Donatella Versace herself.  We hear that the designer brought some of her exercise clothing into the studio to give her design team a starting point for the spring 2016 collection.

Dubbed “athletic couture,” it was built on racer necklines, flashes of neon, bits of mountain-climbing hardware and yards and yards of Swarovski crystal rope, some colored to resemble sport laces. New face Yasmin Wijnaldum opened the show in a white bomber and skinny pants and the most beautiful ankle strap stilletos!

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And while we are bit confused as to how this line made it through the Chambre Syndicale de la Haute Couture standards, we are glad it did!

The colors were so much fun.  The neon yellows, orange and blues liven up the collection. Another plus is the transparent trend has been replaced with full on cut-outs and slashes. The ropes, that barely bind the pieces of cloth together, imply this woman-on-the-go has been through a hellofa day but manages to stay fabulous in the process!

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