Lingerie Is Really For You Not Your Only Your Partner

image-2Lingerie is believed to be something you wear on special occasions for that special someone.  Some state they go so far as to take it with them on dates, “I carry it with me sometimes for a quick change,” one woman admits “Sometimes even go from Spanx to lingerie once I’m at the guy’s house after the date because they don’t notice the lines then and are like, OMG you’ve had that on the whole time?!”

But lingerie addict & blogger Debra Smouse has a different opinion stating “wearing beautiful lingerie isn’t about guys, ladies. It’s about claiming who we are at our most powerful: Women turned on by our own existence.”Montana-Cox-Lingerie-Fashion-Lauren-Slater-Oracle-fox-09

When asked, women admit to feeling more confident when wearing beautiful lingerie beneath their clothes, even when no one is the wiser.

If you think about it, underwear is what we wear closest to our skin, so choosing what feels beautiful sends a signal to your brain that you deserve beauty in your life. No matter what you’re wearing on the outside, wearing beautiful lingerie underneath it all invigorates you.

Here are three amazing lingerie brands designed by women, for daytime, for evening wear and at home, just for you!

Daytime lingerie

la fille d’O is a Belgian based independent lingerie brand, founded by Murielle Victorine Scherre in 2003. Dissatisfied as she was with the then current lingerie market, she decided to create her own vision on underwear. A brand freed of aesthetical, technical or economical compromise. Throughout the years, la fille d’O established itself as a luxurious yet straight forward brand, marching to the beat of a whole different drum; prices start from $140.

Evening lingerie


Derived from the sun-soaked “Lemonade Stand Days”, designers, owners, and BFF’s Gillian Rose Kern and Laura Hall are the creative minds behind For Love & Lemons. The first ready-to-wear collection was designed in their hometown of Jackson, WY and has since evolved into a true lifestyle lingerie brand; prices start from $140.

For you at home


Nasty Gal and Courtney Love collaborated on this Love, Courtney by Nasty Gal collection sold beginning January 14th.  The collection ranges from delicate babydoll dresses in blush pink, powder blue and black with matching lingerie in exact shades; prices range from $48 – $188.


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Nichelle Cole is the founder & editor-in-chief of The Fashion Plate magazine. A respected writer, stylist and influencer, she has been published in fashion magazines around the world.

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