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Good Reads: ‘The Bitch in the House’, An Honest Take On Women & Marriage

“I had wanted to get married, but I realize now that I never wanted to be a ‘wife.”

Jill Bialosky, The Bitch in the House: 26 women tell the truth about sex, solitude, work, motherhood, and marriage

This amazing book, The Bitch in the House written in 2003 is still relevant today as women begin to question gender roles and stereotypes.

Today women workers face different challenges than men in the workplace like gender based discrimination, work and family issues, and unequal pay. And in the home, partnered women who work outside the home find it difficult to maintain work and traditional household chores expected of them because of the increased responsibility.

To add complexity, traditionally men are the bread earners of the house and it is not appreciable if women support the family financially or if women earn more than men. At the opposite end, if women choose not to marry or have children at all, regardless of her achievements, she becomes a cautionary tale – single & lonely.

The Bitch in the House explores the lives of women who make these types of choices in their work and personal lives, and shares how it affects their perception about womanhood. The great thing about the book is how easy it is to identify with the stories of these women.

The book reads like a personal diary with uninhibited thoughts and emotions. For example, one woman who married a stay-at-home-dad resented him whenever their child would get sick and ask for ‘Daddy’ instead of mommy. And another woman who decided to never marry and never have children, and whose choice is populated with friends, lovers and her many achievements gazes longingly at a couple kissing in Central Park.

This extraordinary book is full of fresh honest stories like this about brave women and love.

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