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The Subtle Allure of Residence Nakara, A Seaside Resort In The South Of France.

Residence Nakara, Cap D’Agde, France

Cap d’Agde is one of the largest leisure ports on the French Mediterranean. It is surrounded by seaside and scenic destinations rich in historical heritage. Facing the sea and Mon Saint-Loup is a vacation rental resort located in Cap d’Agde’s Languedoc region called Residence Nakara.  

Residence Nakara is a stone’s throw from Narbonne and a few minutes walk from Rochebrune beach.

nakara-4 They say the resort’s architects at Jacques Ferrier Architecture meant the buildings to function as filters, bringing the landscape and light from the outside in.

Residence Nakara, Cap D’Agde, France

The towering trellises which are almost Arabesque in their kinetic effect act as giant brises soleil so that from the terraces and balconies there is a very real sense of being simultaneously inside and out.

Residence Nakara, Cap D’Agde, France

The interior décor is functional and minimalist to encourage visitors to spend more quality time stretched out by the pristine, all white pool. Other diversions on hand include a hammam, spa, an 18-hole golf course, tennis club, cycling, and watersport activities.

Residence Nakara
Route de Rochelongue
34300 Cap d’Agde
Telephone 33.4 67 01 84 80

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