Giorgio Armani Hosts Lucio Vanotti For Milan Fashion Week.

The spacious Armani Teatro in Milan

At the next men’s edition of Milan Fashion Week in January 2016,
Giorgio Armani will host designer Lucio Vanotti at the Armani theatre. Lucio, who designs both menswear and women’s wear, is the latest recipient of the Armani initiative to support young talent in the fashion industry.

By designer Lucio Vanotti

This marks the eleventh season that Armani has fronted an unknown designer, providing the famed Armani Teatro for their runway show during Milan Fashion Week.

Armani Runway show in the famed Armani Teatro theatre

Past recipients have included break-out designers like Stella Jean who has gone on to international success and acclaim.

“For the past several years I’ve supported young talents that seem the most promising in the panorama of Italian and international fashion. Their enthusiasm, dedication, and creativity hasn’t declined, and I am increasingly interested, in a personal and heartfelt way, to continue my commitment to them.

Lucio Vanotti Spring 2016 design

The support by Armani thrusts unknown designers into the spotlight and guarantees them attention from the world’s most influential editors in the industry. Giorgio Armani recently released a statement to Lucio saying,

To Lucio Vanotti, the designer I chose for this season, I wish you a bright future, abounding in success, “said Giorgio Armani.

Lucio Vanotti is a graduate of the Istituto Marangoni in Milan. His collections tend to lean towards simplicity in color and design, with a focus on luxe textiles and enveloping silhouettes. This concept results in abstract shapes and purity in form freeing the need for unnecessary embellishments.

On being one of the chosen, Vanotti released a statement,

“Receiving this opportunity by Giorgio Armani is a great recognition for me. My heartfelt thanks go to the one who, in addition to being a great example in business, is the inventor of an aesthetic code that everyone appreciates, and that influences me and is something I identify with”

The new menswear season for Milan Fashion Week, hosted by Camera Nazionale della Moda, is scheduled for 15th January through the 19th January.

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