Hermés opens a new store in Miami Beach

Miami’s design district has been filling space with a string of luxury stores. One of the big markers was the recent opening of a new Hermès flagship. Designed by Paris-based architecture firm RDAI, the boutique is a glass-clad cube surrounded by a grove of steel rods. The rods, which offer a measure of privacy, speak to Miami’s environment.

‘The sunlight is so strong here, so the bars create a vibration and a shadow,’ Montel explains. ‘I was inspired by the roots of banyan trees,’ he adds, referring to the layered effect the tubes create.

Inside, the rods and glass create a brightly lit space connected with the city’s environment. The three-story boutique includes a ground-level space for Saint-Louis, the preeminent European glass-and crystal-making company, and a rooftop terrace, planted with trees. RDAI also included a tree in an alcove on street level, which will provide shade in the store and on the sidewalk.

Hermès marked the occasion of its opening with a parade through the Design District and later with a Flamingo Party that played on Miami’s very colourful cultural heritage and is the theme of the 2015 Hermès campaign.

Hermes Campaign 2015

Miami Design District
175 NE 40th Street
Miami, Florida

Photography: Frank Oudeman

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