Stroili Étoile’s Elegant Holiday Collection.

Stroili Italy is the leading brand for affordable jewelry, dedicated to the creation of beautiful designs for women in elegant materials of silver and gold.

Stroili Étoile Collection Christmas 2015

For Christmas 2015  Stroili Italy creates a special Étoile collection inspired by the world of ballet, for a feminine, refined woman. The graceful lines reflect the designs of satin ribbons and corsages. Pendants, bracelets and earrings made of brass and ruthenium glitter in jet black. The intense tones of the materials recall the precious shades of magmatic rocks, illuminated by glitter, delicate and chic.

Stroili Étoile Collection Christmas 2015

Stroili Étoile Collection Christmas 2015

Prices for the Stroili Étoile collection range from 40 euro to 80 euro.  See the website for more information



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