The Design World Descends Onto Milan’s Fantastic New Supper Scene.

Uruguayan-born chef, Matias Perdomo, of Milan’s experimental Al Pont de Ferr, and Spazio Pontaccio, a high-end interior design store in the city’s center, had an idea to create a theatrical dining experience to introduce an exclusive guest list to new interior design works. The pair hosted a dinner party inside the Spazio Pontaccio showroom window for full view by outside pedestrians in a bespoke environment in which everything from the rug underfoot to the lighting overhead was hand picked for approval.

Every day we work to select and present a few, great objects.
Our displays are a window on what we believe in: a design that doesn’t aim to outdo itself, but which has been created to add surprise, harmony and inspiration to people’s lives.

The exposure from the event was a huge opportunity to the interior design participants, including the work of celebrated glassware designer, Lee Broom.

Supperscene Dinner in the Spazio Pontaccio showroom window in Milan (2014)

The dinner was introduced in Milan during Salon del Mobile in 2014. The menu itself was as curious as it was delightfully presented. The multi-course affair included the likes of ‘blown tendons with caviar and burrata’ and ‘beef tenderloin with foie gras sashimi’.

After, the table with all its porcelain, crystal and glassware remained on view in Spazio Pontaccio’s windows – and made available for purchase- for the remainder of the month.

A design that made a lasting impression, including entry into the 2015 London Design Festival this year, was Lee Broom’s stunning crystal and marble glasses.

beauty story

Named the Podium, the vases play with the sculptural quality of balance. Combining solid marble with transparent glass, bringing together opposing materials to create playful yet elegant pieces.

Available exclusively at the Lee Broom flagship store in Shoreditch and the Lee Broom store online, podium creates an impact whether filled with champagne or left empty as a decorative element of beauty.

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